Oath or Affirmation: Parliament

Every member of either House or Parliament, before taking his seat in the House, has to make and subscribe to an oath or affirmation before the Parliament of some person appointed by him for this purpose.

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In his oath or affirmation, a member of Parliament swears:

a) To bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India

b) To uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India

c) To faithfully discharge the duty upon which he is about to enter

Unless a member takes the oath, he cannot vote and participate in the proceedings of the House and does not become eligible to parliamentary privileges and immunities.

A person is liable to a penalty of Rs. 500 for each day he sits or votes as a member in a House in the following conditions:

1. Before taking and subscribing to the prescribed oath or affirmation; or

2. When he knows that he is not qualified or that he is disqualified for its membership; or

3. When he knows that he is prohibited from sitting or voting in the House by virtue of any parliamentary law.