JEE Main 2013 Math Paper 1 Analysis

JEE Main 2013 Math Paper 1 Analysis | JEE Main 2013 Math Question Paper 1 Analysis | JEE Main 2013 Analysis Paper 1 | Joint Entrance Examination 2013  | JEE Main 2013 Math Analysiss

JEE Main 2013 (Joint Entrance Examination)

Analysis Paper 01 (Math)

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Overall the paper is of simple and normal levelwith respect to time in solving questions.
Concept wise paper is logical and no new concepts are involved, but for some questions to solve you need to spend a little more time.
Coordinate Geometry : 10 questions (involved logics, 5 questions were time taking and other 5 were comparatively easy), overall 10 questions are of simple level.
Integration: Total 3 questions. Overall we can say that they are easy with respect to difficulty level; 2 questions are of normal integration in which 1 is easy and 1 is average. 1 question is of integration by parts which is a good question and requires some time to solve.
Matrices: 1 question is there which require concept of adjoint of matrices but requires less calculation.
Quadratic Equations: 1 question is logical and other is of calculation based. Also one needs less time and other needs sometime in solving.
Trigonometry: It is standard/general question whose concept is asked normally
LIMITS: If you know the expansions of trigonometric functions, you can do the question easily
BINOMIAL EXPANSION: The question is time taking but of simple/normal level.
Prepared By: Kishlay Kushwaha (JEE 2012 AIR 452) & Siddarth K. Jain (JEE 2012 AIR 146)