Effects of Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural hazard. The following are the immediate hazardous effective earthquake:

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1. Ground Shaking

2. Differential ground settlement

3. Land and mud slides

4. Soil liquefaction

5. Ground lurching

6. Avalanches

7. Ground displacement

8. Floods from dam and levee failures

9. Fires

10. Structural collapse

11. Falling objects

12. Tsunami

The first six listed above have some bearings upon landforms, white others may be considered the effects causing immediate concern to the life and properties of people in the region. The effect of tsunami would occur only if the epicenter of the tremor is below oceanic waters and the magnitude is sufficiently high. Tsunamis are waves generated by the tremors and not an earthquake in itself. Though the actual quake activity lasts for a few seconds, its effect are devastating provided the magnitude of the quake is more than 5 on the Richter scale.